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Welcome to
OpenIP Solutions


Our goal is to provide Small and Medium size businesses with communication solutions that are rich with features, highly customized and less expensive than brand name, closed, proprietary technologies.  We do this by designing our solutions based on Open Source Projects related to VoIP and CRM, messaging in the cloud by Google, and Telecom Agency with Broadline Solutions and their source of 15 different local and national carriers.

The result is an integrated and scalable solution for any size business. We can help you realize the benefits of unified communications at a fraction of the cost of other competitive solutions. Complete communications nirvana.


What we do


Our Voice solutions are based on the Open Source Project called Asterisk®, www.asterisk.org, and hardened Asterisk® solutions from Digium®, www.digium.com. These solutions provide the basis of a customizable platform providing voice applications that can be integrated into your business for less. 


The SugarCRM is a fast, intuitive application that is easy to learn, use and extend. We encourage and assist organizations to evaluate the community version of SugarCRM which will give your organization a basic understanding and functionality for CRM. Once organizations see the power of the base application, the transition top a commercial relationship for advanced features and customer support is easy.


For as low as $50 a year per account and a registered domain.  Google Apps provides messaging, calendar, and collaboration for a Small and Medium Size Business.  These solutions are a fraction of the cost of owning and maintaining on your own.


Allow us to do the work of shopping a design and solution to 15 different carriers so your organization get the best solution and the best price.

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