What Our Clients are Saying

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Roseville Midway Ford

Midway Ford has been a family owned and operated dealership in the Twin Cities since 1954. They pride themselves on a high level of customer service to ensure everyone finds a vehicle that meets their needs and budget.

The company was operating on an outdated phone system and was more than ready for a change. The dealership needed a system that allows them the ability to filter calls between the sales, parts, and service departments along with the reliability to handle a high call volume.

Since switching to OpenIP, Midway Ford has been impressed with the call quality of their new system. They also have been pleased with the support offered by OpenIP engineers. The operating panel feature has been particularly helpful for receptionists at the dealership as they can track what phones are in use at all times.

“I have been pleased with the call quality we receive with OpenIP, and they offer all the features we need at a much lower cost than other vendors.

Servion Title

Servion Title provides title insurance policies and real estate transaction services to individual consumers, financial institutions, and businesses. They pride themselves on finding timely, creative solutions that add value to customer transactions.

The company was previously operating on an analog system that was long overdue for an upgrade. Servion was looking for an IP solution that wouldn’t break the bank while providing features such as call recordings, call logs, and a call center. 

Since switching to OpenIP, Servion has been pleased with the features of their new system along with the support they receive from OpenIP engineers. In particular, the servicing department has had a better handle on phone calls and their reporting has been more accurate. But possibly the greatest benefit to Servion has been the money they saved due to the lost cost of their new system.

“It’s incredible to me that OpenIP can offer the same features as other vendors but at a much better price.” Steve Albers

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Le Sueur Incorporated

Le Sueur Incorporated is an aluminum casting and plastic injection molding manufacturer. Their company consults with its customers to design and produce high quality products that meet their specifications, all at an affordable price.

The company was unhappy with their outdated phone system and was looking to upgrade to a newer system. They searched for a local vendor offering a PBX system that could be customized to meet their specific needs at an affordable price. OpenIP was chosen over bigger vendors because it offers superior features at a much lower cost.

Le Sueur Incorporated has been thrilled with the quality of their new system, the support received from OpenIP engineers, new features available with this system such as call failover, and most importantly, the low cost of an OpenIP system.

“Don’t be fooled by the low cost, OpenIP provides everything you need.” Neil Willet